Thursday, November 4, 2010

The desire to create...

I went to Relief Society once this year.
(I know. It's a problem) 
But what a wonderful lesson for me. 
It gave words and clarity to some feelings I had been having
 but hadn't been able to articulate.
This is a quote from Elder Uchdorf, President Uchdorf, the Amazing Uchdorf (What the heck should I be calling him?)...
see-I really should be getting to RS more often!
I'm not inactive just more at home in YW!

I have found such joy in learning new skills.  
Creating beauty AND catastrophe.  
Believe me.
  There are a few items that won't ever see the light of day!  But I don't stress over them.  Just start over and PRAY that I will do better then second, third, fourth time!

 This is a cute Car Seat Canopy.  
One of my favorites!!
 Creating is not reserved for crafts,  Bringing anything beautiful into your world brings the same joy.  Especially when it is Jake that does the work haha!

 I liked this pattern so much that I made it twice with just a few changes in fabric placement and backing. 
 I just love the ruffle. 
(and the sweet little girls that got them!)
This one is one of my favorites!  
The fabric is so sweet and the yummy soft back of the little shoulder snuggly you can get lost in!  The blankie pattern is one that I will use again.  It can be found here.  This is for a very special little guy who should be making his arrival very soon.  
I hope he (and his mom and dad) will know of the love felt in every single stitch.
I can't wait to meet him!

This is the start of a very fun Halloween project. 
 It turned out great. 
 I have a little handwork to finish or I'd show you it completed.  But that will probably have to wait for next year.  
Can you believe I'm actually finishing some projects.  
"Some" being the key word here.

Wait!?  What??  
This isn't one of my own creations.
I am the blessed recipient of this little God's Creation.

I love her.  
And Him.


Jordan & Heather Wong

o janae ur work is amazing please teach me ur ways!


You are seriously talented! I want to be like you when I grow up :)

Allison Barnes

i want to learn how to quilt! Those are beautiful! You are so talented. Have you watched the "Mormon Message" video the church made from that quote?? It's amazing.


Absolutely beautiful Janae!

Kylee Rowe

You are an amazing seamstress!!!! I LOVE the blanket with the ruffles. the fabrics you chose are so beautiful together! Great job!


rachel loves. loves. LOVEs your creation. and so does her mommy. love you.


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