Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Fave Five

Here's a little photo update of what my favorite five people in the world are up to this week..

I love them.
Jake has a new area.  He is in the big city of Guayaquil.  He has been in the country and small towns his whole mission.  He's now a zone leader.  He's my Rono-man!
Having a daughter in law is awesome.  Tiffany is lovely, funny, smart, and a perfect addition to our little family.  I love her.  She's the best Pinochle partner.  We Rock!

Keith and Alec cracked me up all weekend.  They both are so smart.  Sometimes they are smart-alecs (teehee great family joke).  Sometimes smart mouths.  (KAR) But I love to listen to their highly intelligent conversations.  I love them.  
We love to have adventures with these two.  It's loads of food, laughter and memories EVERY single trip.

I miss Jake.  I pray he is okay every day, several times a day.  I know he is wrapped in Heavenly Fathers care.  But I miss him in our family photos and adventures.  269 days until the my Fave Five are reunited again.


Alyssa Joy

I love all these pictures of you guys! Everyone looks so tan and gorgeous and happy. Love you!

Chase & Destiny Pittsenbarger

I cant believe on 269 days till we see jake!! I miss that kid!! Im glad you guys had fun in Cali!! love you Janae!

Alec and Tiffany

What a fun trip! We've got the best family ever!


Keith A. Runyon

Janae, Janae, Janae.... Don't we have a wonderful life?

When our dear Jake-Jake gets home we'll be complete. I know he will find a lovely gal and we'll all be able to have a lot of adventures and laughs over the next 100 years.