Friday, March 20, 2009

He chose me!

Once upon a time, 
many years ago on this very night the magic began!

Heavenly Father blessed my life with a handsome, witty, smart, kind, tenderhearted, strong, hardworking, honorable companion.  I was then and even more now-truly lucky!

This sexy, too cool for school, delicious hunk is mine forever!  
I thought marrying the man of my dreams was the best day of my life.  
Our story only got greater from there.

I can't wait to see what our future together holds!

You are everything to me,

To be married 
to a noble man
who is also my best friend
is a blessing.

To be married
to a stunningly handsome man
who just so happens
to be the great love of my life
is a miracle.

You are my blessing,
my miracle,
my everything,
my husband.
that was copied straight out of a Hallmark card :)

Happy Anniversary Lovey!


Allison Barnes

love the wedding photo's! What cute couple!!

Alyssa Joy

Look and Yung Keef! What a stud!! Those pics are classic. Happy Anniversary!


Awww! That was SOOO cute! I cannot believe how much Jake looks like the Young Keith!!

Happy Anniversary!!

***Oh, and you need to check my blog!!


happy anniversary!

Andrew & Heidi

Janae--who is the skinny guy in the pictures? Just kidding. I like Keith's Jim McMahon look. We all knew he wanted to imitate BYU quarterbacks. --Andrew

Kathy's Boys

How cute! You guys make a darling couple! And you still look just as happy! I love your blog design, it is so cute!


Loved the wedding pics. You both looked like kids. How is it you have both aged so well??
Happy Anniversary..