Monday, November 17, 2008

Will you give him a Birthday Shout-Out!?!

It is Jake's birthday next week. I can't believe my little toe-headed booboo will be 20. He can only get his emails once a week on Monday. Will you send him a "Happy Birthday"? His email is I know he would love it!



i will SO send him a happy birthday e-mail.

i'm not sure he will know who i am, but i'm doing it anyway.

susan bunker

me too, me too!

what a great missionary mom!

Jordan & Heather Wong

aw i love ur song!! i cannot believe he is that old! he emailed us yesterday it was so nice to hear from him again!! sounds like he is growing so much and doing so well out there! he even ends the emaails in spanish for us haha hope all is well with u guys!


did it! thanks for the heads up...