Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Think I'm Caramel Corn Deficient :(

When I am low on Potassium - I crave a banana or something

When my energy is low-I crave something with loads of iron (or a Three Musketeers will do it for those "I need energy now" moments)

Skin's dry?-How about a nice Vitamin E capsule.

Got the sniffles-chew about 50 of your kids Vitamin C tablets.

I have one question......what is your body missing when all you can think about is gooey, sticky, freshly made Caramel Corn? I.must.have.some.soon or my head is going to explode. I need buttery, brown sugared to the max caramel corn.

It has been a couple of weeks I have been thinking about this stuff. You know-the yank the crowns off your molars kind of caramel corn. I had to have some serious dental work done last week by the talented Dr Ringer. $3000.00 dollars worth. Merry Christmas Ringer family! That alone is the only reason I am not licking the spoon as we speak.

Since I can't go eat a small towns worth of the caramel stuff-I'll catch you up on the totally fun weekend we had.  Check out some more photos here.

We had a wonderful time visiting Alec and Tiffany this weekend.  Pretty much every day revolved around where we were going to eat.  We love the guacamole at Cancun Cafe (3900 S 900E  It's a hole in the wall MUST)  Paradise Cafe Salads and cookies.  Ruby Tuesday for ribs, steaks and the awesome deep fried baked potato...yum, yum! (Hmm wonder why my cholesterol is high :)

As we walked through the tunnel at the Rice Eccles Field for the big day..our mouths watered as we strolled past hand make corndogs, hot fresh donuts, nachos, grilled on the spot hot dogs...we all waited to get some of the nummy wonders because we wanted to see what else there was before we made our picks.  We took our seats to coordinate and organize our orders...

Our seats were great....but we were cornered in.  Bitter Cold weather and everyone is packed in like sardines.  The only way out of our seats was to cross in front of 23 people to get to the aisle.  It was a no-go.  The only food vendor that came close enough for us to get to was the cotton candy man.  We still had to toss the money across several people and hang over the railing to get our loot!

Oh well-I can't remember the last time I had cotton candy for dinner.

Sweet - yes
Sticky - yes
Caramel Corn - not even close


Andrew and Heidi

This post was truly mouth watering! Looks like a wonderful weekend in SLC.
I have anemia and crave weird things like cans of beets when I'm feeling 'low'. Maybe next time I should try a 3 Musketeers!

Alec and Tiffany




Hey Janae ... I love your blog and the picture of all your family is fantastic! Lots of people in there we like a lot and your mom is a favorite of ours! but UofU?????