Thursday, August 21, 2008

What a legacy.

My Great-Great Grandmother Sarah Sturdevant Leavitt has a beautiful memorial in Santa Clara, Utah. She was an amazing woman. Reading and learning more about her has made me want to be better. Be stronger. Be more faithful. Be more selfless. Be more righteous.

"Sarah was a noble woman and a matriarch to more family than perhaps any other person in the LDS Church. She suffered and sacrificed all she had, that we, her posterity, could enjoy life as we do today."(


Derrick & Jan

Oh Miss Janae.... your great-great grandmother Leavitt would be so proud of you as you are an amazing woman in your own right! What a great legacy to live up to. I think we all have ancestors that inspire us to be better & who we'd like to be more like. I have a grandmother who will be one of the first on my list of people to embrace when I meet her in the next life as she made HUGE sacrifices for her family as well. sniff sniff ;)

xo J


that is beautiful.


My dear friend,

Thanks for sharing a bit of the Leavitt history with us today. I thoroughly enjoyed all your stories. Your great-grandmothers legacy lives on, she has inspired me to want to search my history. It can be our next adventure !!

Love you,