Saturday, August 16, 2008

More images of family


sew and sews mom

What a talent you have. I love looking at your work - almost makes me feel like I was there!

Andrew and Heidi

What awesome pictures Janae - it makes me want to jump in the car and go right back to Oceanside! I left you a comment with my email so I can get pics - I love those ones you took of Taylor!


What a fun family tradition. I bet you have years of funny stories to share along with a thing called blackmail on some!! Emjoyed your pictures.

Jordan & Heather Wong

aw looks like u guys are had tons of fun!! me and amy (and jord lol) all missed out on cali this summer...sad huh? sounds like jakie is doing well we love hearing from him!! hope all is well with all of u!!

Derrick & Jan

How fun - isnt fam time the BEST! I LOVE the sandcastle.... girl I knew you had talents but, as always, you continue to surprise & amaze me at your endless capacities! I miss you too & feel seriously deprived of the awsome getaway we were planning. MUST pick up where we left off & soon!

xo, J


janae has ALWAYS been my favorite daughter (haha)