Sunday, July 20, 2008

Introducing Mr & Mrs Troy Smith!

Wow! What a wonderful day we had on Friday. Kadee (my niece) and her new husband, Troy Smith, were sealed for time and all eternity in the Las Vegas Temple. It was beautiful. Her wedding party was so cute and the reception was ADORABLE! I wish I had taken my camera to the reception. It was a fairy tale setting.

I noticed at the reception that there wasn't a lot of mingling between the Smiths and the Leavitts. Wow, are we snobs? I really pondered it that night and tried to be observant of all the guests that were there. What I determined was this. All the family was friendly and social. We had loads of friends, co-workers, ward family that we caught up with. But at the end of the day.... I looked across the 10-12 tables there in Rod's backyard, I laughed as one particular one stood out. There was probably 15-18 Leavitt's crammed around one table. There was so much laughter and animation and genuine love eminating from that one table.

We're not snobs. We just really like each other. I wouldn't want it any other way.

Congrats Kadee & Troy!!

PS.....Hope all your underwear made it to Puerta Vallarta!!


susan bunker

Doesn't Kadee look beautiful? She is glowing! And the picture of you and your mother is so sweet! I can relate to your big, loving is GREAT!

Bobbi Leavitt

Dont worry, she will borrow my unders if they dont! haha...

thanks for putting up a pics with my kids actually in it.