Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sydney to Brisbane

We are on day 8 of our awesome trip to Australia. The bridge climb was so great!! I wish they had something like this on the Golden Gate or the Brooklyn Bridge. The city views are stunning and the workout causes quite a bit of calf and butt-burn...ouch!!

The games have been fun. The Rebs are awesome...the crowds are small but very animated. I have to say that the RE-BELS chant is kinda lame when there are only 50 people. Sounds a bit whiney...It is much better in the T & M with 10,000 whining it! Some really obsessed fan actually has the UNLV fight song on his Ipod and plays it over this handheld speaker at the games. Seriously....NO ONE knows any of the is kinda funny when the song plays all scratchy like an old record and then we all jump in on the U-N-L-V Go, Fight, Win part. If I saw us somewhere I would definately crack up!!

The other big news is this...I have absolutely NO dignity left. I can say I left a little, well maybe alot of myself here in Australia. The motion sickness pills tat have been my salvation for years have not seemed to work very well here. I'll leave it at that.

We spent today at Surfers Paradise outside of Brisbane. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed ourself tremendously. One of the players, Scott Hoffman, met the sandbar headfirst and had to be practically dragged out of the water by Rene Rougeou and Joe Darger. His face shows the worst of it, but I think his neck and back are going to need some major adjustments. Boogie boarding may not be his best sport!

Just another quick note....We have been able to visit the Brisbane and Sydney Temple. It is so cool to see our worldwide church. There were 3 elders that were able to come to one of the games. As it seems in all my worldwide travels....I have the knack of running into missionaries from Las Vegas.


Dixon Leavitt

Im so jealous

Keith A. Runyon

I bet you are looking forward to that 3 day flight coming home....IN COACH!

Go Rebels!

Keith A. Runyon

And who are the Chinese dudes? Did their rafts wash up on shore?


Oh Keith, you crack me up.....still laughing hysterically!!! My stomach muscles haven't had a workout like this in a long time.