Thursday, June 26, 2008

1st couple of days in Australia

Wow!!! We made it! 26 hours to get from my house to the Hotel room on Sydney Harbor. 26 hours is totally worth it! It is beautiful. Crisp 10C or 71F with bright blue skies and crystal clear water everywhere.

Our flight arrived at 6:05am Sydney time so the bus driver had to kill off several hours before we could check into our room. Haha..I don't think he thought we would notice he just drove up and down the same street but would tell us to "look off to the right and you will see....". I was totally ready for a shower.

The plane ride....can you say...row 70. seats on top of it. It wasn't too bad because we fanagled the two seats between us so we could spread out and stretch out a little bit. But really....row 70....don't they know who I am? haha

Had a quick tour of Opera House. Stunningly beautiful on the outside. Pretty cool but plain on the inside. The wind was howling today so we wandered back to the hotel after a late lunch at a little pizzeria that covered everything with chunks of we are going to be stinky tourists :) Then off to nap a little and watch a little Wimbledon.....sorry judy (she's my roomate and she hates tennis)

Today we are off to do jet boat stunts out on the Harbor and then we have another game tonight.

The boys on the team are really fun and really just typical college kids. It's fun to hang out and crack up and make them pose for crazy photos...they now know who Auntie Nae' is (not to be confused with NaeNae who is Rene' Rougeou) and they know I won't take any "just stand there in military style" photos. The inner models are starting to come out in them!

Love you all and miss you like crazy.