Friday, June 13, 2008

Ssshhhh...listen....can you hear the quiet?

Today in my neighborhood there must not have been one pool party, wedding, BBQ, birthday party with blowup games, I could go on and on. The reason I know there was absolutely none of those things planned....there was no wind. THERE WAS NO WIND....Yippee yay skiddledeedee....
This is the 1st day in months that stayed calm ALL day long. Tempurature stayed under 100. It was a perfect Las Vegas Summer Day!

Thank You Heavenly Father



Sister Runyon, you have to text me your email address or I'm going to hunt you down and throw ice cream in your face!!!! 325-3674
-Kacee (robertson) Henriksen


Rub it in. (I'm just a tad jealous, since the humidity, high temperature, and thunderstorms combined with high winds created a sauna effect here.) I want to move to Vegas so badly!!!

Think they still need teachers??

Seriously though, I love your posts. They always make me smile.

Allison Barnes

I'm with you... the wind has been TERRIBLE this year! I haven't been able to keep my pool clean!! it makes me crazy.


Yeah, finally! Maybe 'cause it was Friday the 13th! Sorry I missed it. Well, actually, not too sorry. Kauai' was more beautiful and amazing that I even imagined!