Monday, June 16, 2008

Just an another ordinary day...

So nothing of great note happened today. Went to the car wash, returnd some shoes at Dillards, exchanged some currency from USD to AUD and then laundry. Coco (the girl who helps us keep the house clean) came over and that always makes me happy. She has gotten into the habit of sending some of her illigals she is stashing away or her own children. There is no doubt they work hard, they do. It's just I like it when she cleans. She is smart and shows a ton of common sense. I can walk in and just by the smell of the cleaning know if it is Coco herself or someone else.

Today was one of those lucky days when she came. It has made me happy the rest of the day! Seems easier to cook dinner in a spotless kitchen, laundry in an organized laundry room.

So today was an ordinary day that I love so much. We heard from Jake and he is great. Some days I am grateful for their simplicity. The lack of drama brings a quiet sense of peace..

I love this amazingly ordinary day. I am cup runneth over!






ok, leadfoot was funny. I was never the golden grandson nor ever will be. Your blog is funny!


susan bunker

i love quiet days! i'm so glad you enjoyed yours!