Saturday, April 12, 2008

What to do on a Sunny Spring day..when all your human Kids are away!

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Hi Sister Runyon!
Don't know if you remember me, but I got to meet you when I was spending time with Danny and Alec while in High School (my younger sister is friends with Jake) and I met Alec at state in Reno junior year. Sorry... I meant to give you the short story!

I decided to click over to your blog tonight on a whim. It's good to see you are having good times with all your human kids away. :o)

You should DEFINITELY go bungee jumping. I jumped with AJ Hackett a couple of times when they were Vegas it was so crazy! But SO fun... that is why I went back for the second time. I was nervous about the 'whiplash' effect but that was the FUNNEST part of all. It felt smooth and not scary. They have the greatest record (at least that was what they told me when I wouldn't jump the first time). Hope you get to do it!! In Cairns!? :D How fun!

Kelli Huntsman

That dog has it better than most people. They both look as happy as can be. Love ya:)

Amy Albright

what cute pictures!! I feel like it hasn't been that long since I've seen you guys, but he looks huge!!

Allison Barnes

I wonder if your dog knows how lucky it is! What a life!

No, John wasn't wearing those funny biker shorts... I think they are pretty ugly!!!



Soooooooo cute! How can you say you're not a dog person?!? :)


You need grandkids Janae :) I'll let you adopt mine for a while, haha!