Thursday, April 10, 2008

Can I just say I am shocked?

Michael Johns is out!?! What is happening to the world? I thought American Idol was "giving back" this week. I think the Michael Johns fans didn't vote because they were busy donating to the $60,000,000.00 charity. Oh my fantasies oooops I mean my life will be a little less filled because he was voted out this week.

Jeez I really need to get a life...........


Kathy's Boys

Hey Janae
I've been trying to call you to get Alecs address in
Salt Lake, could you email it to me? Thanks


I KNOW!! I was so mad... but, this happens at least once every season, one of the great ones goes before their time... sad.

Runyon Family

Mom, I was just as surprised as you were...we thought Kristy Lee Cook was gone for sure...I really liked him!

And FYI our address is

743 Shady Creek Place
SLC,UT 84106

Grama Linda

I can't believe he's out! He was one of my very favorites too...

Lyssa & Jack Jack

He was good, but I'm in love with Jason Castro! Those dreads just get to me :)

Keith A. Runyon

Alyssa! Shame on you! The guy with the dreds is terrible. I would turn that little weasel upside down and use him to mop my floors. He looks ridiculous.