Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tuesday Tell All...What Not to Wear....

This Tuesdays "tell all" subject is what not to wear. Find something in your closet that you think is amazing but know in 5 years you will just die knowing you ever wore it. I looked in my closet and there is really nothing there but jeans, Target and Gap t-shirts and sweatsuits (do they still call them that?) There are a couple of cute church dresses and a really awful dress I wore to my sons wedding....it looked so cute when I tried it on! Of course there are a 1000 beautiful photos and a wonderful dvd to document this wardrobe malfunction!

While I was perusing my closet and thinking about what to write...I had a flashback! A picture that is blazed into my mind forever. My most favored, cherished, grownup, put together myself (who needed a stylest in the 90's) outfit ever. Are you ready? You just have to picture every last beautiful detail in your mind. Here we go...

I feel I have to start at the top and go down. Of course I was a teensy tiny bit thinner than I am now....a white round neck Liz Claiborne t-shirt that had tiny little navy polka dots. Over the top of that I wore this cotton, yes Liz Claiborne, cotton, sorta boxy jacket that was navy blue with huge white polka dots. This was worn over a pair of the cutest stretch pants with stirrups...yeah you all remember them..we all wore them, don't lie...you did. These stretch pants were the same navy blue as the jacket, yes they were Liz Claiborne, but they had the cutest medium sized polka dots...and I thought they made my legs look great!! Now I know you are wondering where the "I put it together myself" part comes in. I have to admit that Liz did a great job with the clothing part. But the final and most memorable part of the outfit was the shoes. Oh how I miss those shoes. Cute slip ons. Little ballet type flats....very similar in style as seen today...jeez I am getting old when the style has come and gone and come again....But these were not any old ordinary flats...something had to balance out all that matchy matchy! They were the cutest pair of navy and polka dot shoes...Yeah baby! Same navy as the pants and jacket and polka dots on the shirt. Navy and polka dots from head to toe!

Man I miss those shoes...



susan bunker

I'm sure there is a picture somewhere of you in your FAVORITE OUTFIT!!! Dig it out, scan it, and share it with us all!!! I wore Liz too...uugghh. Pretty funny days.

Runyon Family

I agree with Susan..i want to see pictures! 13 more days!! xoxo


My comment didn't post, so I'm trying again...
I remember you wearing this outfit! It seems like you had a hair bow or scarf thingy, too. Maybe my mom has a picture of it, because I have a vivid recollection of you in this outfit!

Also, your blog is keeping me too entertained. I keep reading and clicking on links when i should be doing homework. So make sure to post often so I can have an excuse not to work! :0)

Lenzi Woodbury

PLEEEEEEEEASE!! Someone out in the blogging world hear my cry: FIND A PICTURE OF THIS OUTFIT AND POST IT IMMEDIATELY!!!

I find it hard to believe there was a time when you wore head to toe navy & white POLKA DOTS! I've now deemed you "the polka dot girl" on my blog. You are no longer Janae' to me! Sorry, it is forever done. :)


Janae, I really love these tell-all-Tuesday things. I think I might start doing it too because I'm a total copycat and a dork. I am completely unoriginal, and I embrace that. LOL. Plus, it keeps me busy so I don't have to think about that bothersome homework, or the midterm I have to complete (I'm on page 20, so I'm working on it).

Lenzi- I really think my mom might have a picture. I'll have to ask her. Or look when I'm out there. Or it was burned into my memory. But it actually was kind of cute (remember the time period), and very Janae-ish [a new word!]