Sunday, March 9, 2008

It takes a village...

Our Jake arrived in Ecuador last Monday! What an amazing experience! I am sure it was a bit averwhelming at first and I am also sure he was exhausted. They departed the MTC at 330am and arrived in Guayaquil around 11pm. He sent a quick note and it was great. You can check it out on Alec & Tiffany's blog if you are interested.

We got to hear his sweet voice on the telephone. I swear the sweetest sound ever is your sons or daughters voice when you haven't heard it for months. Seriously...even sweeter than their little baby sounds, their singing in the shower or their laughter. I swear..there is no sweeter words than "hi mommy" when you haven't heard him in so long. Wow it maked me tear up a little even now!

We have gotten a few photos from him, although it is never enough for me! As I paused on each photo tonight, my heart was full. In the short time Jake was in the MTC he was reunited with many friends. Friends that have been so important to him.

He had a sweet reunion with Elder Bobby Welch (Thailand or Taiwan I can't remember). They were best buds all through elementary school until Bobby moved away. They stayed in contact for a few years and then, it seemed to me, they had all but forgotten each other. What a sweet experience to have Jake receive a phone call from Bobby sharing his mission call. Then again to be with Jake when he searched and found Bobbys number to share his own.

He was happy to find one of his middle school friends had arrived at the MTC shortly after he did. Jacob had also moved away and had been one of Jakes dear friends at Johnson Middle School.

As Jake was one of the 1st of his core group of friends to leave. It was with a huge amount of joy that he was reunited with Brett Harber and David Fajardo. Brett will be serving in one of the Texas, Spanish speaking (Oh where has my memory gone..I wish I could remember where I left it...) and David will be serving in the Vancouver, BC Canada Mandarin speaking (yikes!).

I am so grateful for these boys. They have loved each other and cared for each other now for years. They have been huge influences on each other. I believe with all my heart that one of the most important relationships, one that will surely influence them for good or bad, is their friends. My Jake has always surrounded himself with good friends. I love these boys. I feel like each one of the B-Unit is one of my own. I know they are the valiant warriors we hear about. I am grateful for each and everyone of them. I will be forever thankful for the positive influence they have been on my Jake.

Adam has recieved his call to Honolulu, Hawaii and Justin is on deck. The sweetest sound is my sons voice from far away, strong and sure. I thank all those (and there are more than I could ever list) who helped him build his testimony. I know the people he meets in Ecuador will be changed for good when he delivers the Lords Gospel to them. So to all of you...I love you and thank you for loving my Jake!



aww i miss all those boys!!! im glad they got to see eachother in the MTC!!

Aaron and Celina

Man I miss the B-Unit :) David has some great friends... I'm glad he was able to see Jake before he left the MTC