Monday, March 31, 2008

Tuesday Tell All...Made by Hand

I walked through my house and lingered over the things that are precious to me. Things made with love and the hands of my children, mother, sisters and friends. Hand made gifts are the best. Here are a few of my most cherished handmade treasures.

*I have many beautiful handsewn quilts. One that was a gift from my grandmother who was probably in her 80's when she quilted it for my wedding. Many whimsical and intricately assembled quilts made by my hero, my sister. She is by far the most talented homemaker I know...I think she hogged all those talents in heaven. Every member of my little family has some of her beautiful creations.

*I have a cute picture frame that Alec made me when he was in highschool. No not kindergarten...highschool. It is one of my favorite frames. He bought a basic wood frame and them embelleshed it with a title that says "My mommy is..." and then wrote adjectives he felt described me. Some people complain about their teenagers...mine were (and still are) my favorite people in the world.

*Before scrapbooking was a multi-million dollar industry my mother scrapbooked. She decorated every page with the borders of old birthday cards. She would cut out numbers, flowers, shapes to decorate each page. She would draw cute and funny designs depending on that page topics. That scrapbook is the majority of my childhood memories and I would probably forget most of it without this pictoral journal. I know how hard she worked on it. I love that scrapbook.

*This last one is technically not made by hand. Actually it is made by God's hand. One of my favorite things done by hand is done by Keith every evening and most Saturdays. He makes my world beautiful. He labors hard in this horrible Las Vegas dirt to bring beauty. The flowers bloom large and colorful in his care. I hope he knows how much I love to come home, wander in the yard and look at the results of his blood, sweat and tears. This is a precious handmade gift that only lasts a short time...but forever in my heart..awwwwwww
Thanks Baby!


Runyon Family

The yard looks great! Dad working in the yard is one of my greatest memories too. (except, of course, when he would call for Jake and I to help while we were in heated NCAA football games in the basement aka the dungeon.) - Alec

I LOVE all the flowers blooming...they are so pretty. I also have memories of Keith working in the yard. Most of the time i would come over he would be out there. I appreciate all of his yard work as well. It looks sooo pretty. We need to come home soon, the snow is still falling and yes it is APRIL?? - Tiff

Keith A. Runyon

It's true, I love being "Yard Rambo." Look it up.

I really just want to be the guy on one of the Scotts fertilizer adds who talks about having the best grass in his 'hood.


Wow Janae'! What a beautiful yard! I didn't know that about Uncle Keith. He must be awesome to get it (and keep it) looking like that in Vegas!

Between this and Uncle Keith's description of your Big Breakfasts, can I come live with you? Pretty please?

How did I not know this stuff about you guys? What kind of secret life are you leading??? :0)


i love flowers too. it's hard to protect them from the wrath of the summer... but they make me so happy.