Thursday, February 7, 2008

Romneys campaign "suspended" BRILLIANT!!

I was really disappointed this morning when I woke up and read about Governor Romneys "suspending" his presidential campaign. I really wanted him to win. Really wanted him to win. But I understand and I am totally impressed with his lack of ego and forsight to see that he wasn't going to make it to the finish line this time.

What I think is brilliant is that he isn't now, and I pray never, going say the words "I quit". I hate those words. I wish I could meet the college graduate PR person or campaign guy that came up with "suspends". It was worth all those $$$$ of education to have come up with this. His/her parents should be so proud. They should rent a billboard with the words..."my kid came up with "suspends". ( was probably his wife...thats where all the best ideas come wives)

This has granted me a freedom I never thought I would see in my lifetime. The ability to "suspend" whatever project or assignment I am working on and not feel like a quitter. I love it....the bag of yarn with the 1/4 crocheted afghan that sits next to that couch unfinished and dusty from neglect, screaming "please work on me" everytime I walk past it. The piles of scrapbook materials just crying for some creative use. All the Rubbermaid organizing bins...that sit empty in my garage. FREEDOM!!! I haven't quit or give up in failure...I will just "suspend" these projects. See....Brilliant. I am not quitting my gym membership, just "suspending" my workout goals. I don't need to throw out my "skinny" clothes...I will just "suspend" them in another closet.

Jeez..that Mitt Romney is a genius. He should run for President someday :)

peace out