Sunday, February 10, 2008

A little tidbit from Elder Jakie-Poo this week.

"Earlier this week I spoke to a teacher who went to Guayaquil North mission. He gave me alot of information. He said that the north is the wealthier side of the city. The two mission offices are next door neighbors. So we'll mingle and get to know alot of Ecuador N missionaries. Only 4 missionaries are at the Galapagos at a time and they are there for usually 6 months. So there is a good chance i never serve there, but i really hope i can. He said in the summer it averages about 95 degrees and is humid. This is the wierd part. In the winter it averages about 100 degrees and it rains nearly everyday. He said at the beginning of the winter season that when it starts to rain that the streets flood. He said the because our mission is on the poor side is the reason why we got the Galapagos islands to even it out. Haha, he also said Cuenca is supposedly a favorite area for the missionaries. Mom, its not pronounced Sew ay Kaw, its pronounced Koo wayn kaw. FYI. He talked about the food and it sounds like i should get used to rice. He showed us a picture that is in the MTC of my exact mission and it looks alot like alecs mission. Dirt roads and tin huts. A cool thing in the picture was the missionary was holding a monkey. That will be pretty cool if the members have monkeys that we will be able to hold."

peace out all!


Aaron and Celina

Hi Janae! It was great to hear from you! I can't believe it's time for all these guys to go on missions! It sounds like Jake is doing great. David's farewell was yesterday... I was such a wreck! I didn't think I would cry, but i ended up crying through pretty much the whole thing! You would think I would have gotten used to these things by now!

Rowe Family

So, glad to hear about Jake. Glad he's doing well!! Happy BB9 day!!!!