Monday, January 28, 2008

What a love story!

Who doesn't dig a great Love Story? I love this time of year. Hearts and flowers and declarations of love every where you go. I know it is just another Hallmark created holiday, but I do love it. It makes me think about the great love stories...

1. I love my husband. He is handsome, funny, smart and a little kooky (that is a compliment baby!). He makes me laugh and makes me feel safe. He is a GREAT dad and a worthy priesthood holder. We have shared 20+ years together and it never gets too boring. Your a stud honey!

2. Alec & Tiffany....ahhh young love is so fun! They have been married a short time but their love story has spanned continents, separations & sacrifice. Being around them rekindles the feelings I had two decades ago that have been buried under jobs, kids, dogs and more dogs (Ugh) and the daily requirements of life. Young love brings hope!

3. Jake & Amy...Hope brings strength. Jake & Amy have embarqed on one of the hardest trials of love. The part that lays foundations for a wonderful life if that is the path Heavenly Father wants for them. Jake loves Amy and so do I. She encouraged and pushed him to make decisions that were the right ones. She has been one of the most powerful influences in my sons life.

4. Gordon & Marorie Hinckley- What a wonderful reunion there must have been in Heaven. What a wonderful example of a classic love story. President Hinckley has been one of the most powerful influences in mine and my families life. The greatest messagfe to me personally was "to try to do better everyday" "try to be your very best each day". I think it would be amazing to see the celebration to see a phophet of God return to his Father...but I like to think he immediately scanned the hundred maybe thousands of faces for the face he loved the most....ahh what a love story!!


Rowe Family

Thanks!! We are excited. I love your Valentine layout. You and Tiff are so good at that. I have to have Tiff do mine. I just don't get it!! It will be so much fun when we get to share a grandbaby. I can see the awesome pictures now!!