Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Todays "love" list

I'm sitting here trying to look busy while the plumber is fixing the nasty stinky leak from our toilet. Its uncomfortable to know he is in there having to slosh around in all that grossness. I feel guilty and exposed somehow..not saying anything but sweet lavendar and roses scent ever comes from me...(I don't want to point fingers but I feel I have to in this case! :)

But weirdly enough..I started thinking about some of the things in my world that I love..(in no special order)

*My schitzofriends, Holly & Kelli
*Farm basket french fries
*Big Brother & the Amazing Race
*salty buttered popcorn
*clean, crispy sheets
*belly laughs
*a clean car
*a great book on tape
*My Mia maids
*Pinochle (even though I"m really bad at it)
*a rainy day
*a great Sunday Afternoon nap

The list could really drag on forever....but the plumber is almost done! WooHoo!!

peace out


Runyon Family

Hey mom...what about your husband and children?? lol jk. Love you, Alec

Rowe Family

Hey Janae...thanks for the comment on my blog. It was so nice to read! I love the crown picture. Bessie and I totally get it. lol


Sadly, I have to admit I also love Big Brother!!! And, the worst thing about moving away from Vegas is that the nearest Farm Basket is now 6 hours away! I cry when I think about it, and how much I love them dipped in their gravy with an extra shake of their special salt!