Saturday, January 5, 2008

PS....I didn't love it

So I went to the much hyped-up (at least at dinner with family & friends last week) PS..I love you. I realized after the first letter from the dead husband that I had actually read this book a couple of years ago. The funny thing is... I was a little bored about 1/2 hour in the movie and I quit reading the book about the same place in the story. Maybe it was the weird funeral or the really weird things he asked her to do..i.e. get a disco ball and a funky outfit and then just lay around on the bed that seemed to dominate the whole beginning of the movie.

I have to say that I perked up a little when they went to Ireland...but that was just because I wondered where that B & B was and could I book it for myself this Spring. I didn't get the whole Hi my name is Holly and I am going to do some shots and then walk out of your performance and you are hooked on me and I on you forever.....

I really went into this movie very excited. I love a good romance and kooky actresses and actors. I really liked the brunette friend and I love Kathy Bates...but she was kinda angry and unlikeable until the very end.

BUT it made me think of my friend Abby, just the story subject, Abby is way cuter and loveable than the Holly character. Because I thought about Barry (Abbys husband) I was a little sentimental in the show...shes a valiant woman.

Since Carolyn loved it and I thought about Abby & Barry so much I disliked it a little less......Oh yeah....I forgot that I really like Hilary Swanks Clothes (the short time she kept each outfit on)Oh and I wish I had her hot Karate Kid legs.

So next week 27 Dresses with Izzy from Greys Anatomy.....I think it should be cute!

Peace out...