Sunday, January 6, 2008

Heres a "shout-out" to my Gabby Girls!!

I just wanted to say Hi and Howdeedoo to my kinda imaginary friends in GabbyVille. You are awesome and funny and wise and smart and cold and hot and kooky and a little insane somedays...but these are the real days of our little gabby lives! Love you tons...
So here is my HELLO to Leenie, Mel-Mel, Ru-Poo, Chrissy-poo, Annie, Shaunna, Laurene, Ta-Too, LeeLee and Linda-Lu!! Kisses girls!



GABBY PRIDE...YEAH! I FEEL LIKE I AM PART OF A RAINBOW PARADE OR SOMETHING......Seriously, I am just a little teed off that Janae didn't even mention BETTY...what's up with that Janae...we love Betty, we worship Betty...Betty, Betty, Betty, Betty, Betty! oh, and Carl's not bad either..he is the best husband in the entire world..the hottest hunk of burning spiritual love ever...he is da man, da bomb, OHHHH Carl.