Thursday, December 20, 2007

I can't find a Wii, who knew?

For a year now I have been watching with mild curiosity the Wii phenomenon. I watch the people at the Fashion Show mall swinging like Tiger Woods with imaginary clubs or swing their "numchuk" (as the wii controller is called) with precision forehands in tennis at the Wii kiosk. The kids have gathered at their friends houses for Wii Parties and I even have a friend who had to go to the emergency room last Christmas because she displaced (?) a rib while boxing against her son in a marathon.
So over the last year I have run across some Wii consoles at target or Best Buy. I think everyone I know has one in their here it Christmas....time for bright ideas and optomistic shopping...
I finally decided last week that a Wii console would be fun for Alec and Tiffany. I waited until today to finally get around to buying it. WHO is impossible to find. The nice young man at Best Buy told me I could meet the truck at 3am and wait around to see if there was any on the truck and then they would out my name a list and I could come back when the store opened. What?
I thought this console came out a year ago. Why is it so hard to find now? I have to wonder if Nintendo knows that if there is a super high mysterious demand then they will sell more. Seems to me that they would sell more if people like me could just walk in and buy one....I guess this is one of those side effects of not having little kids or teens at home...I am totally not the cool mom who knows everything anymore.....

oh well...I guess I could pay twice the retail price on eBay or craigslist. But I think Alec and Tiff may have to settle for nice Christmas sweaters. HOHOHO!

Peace Out...jlr :)