Thursday, November 8, 2007

Packing up the old life for the beginning of a new chapter

So here I am sitting amid boxes and memories. I am so excited for Alec and Tiffany to start their new life and family here in our little condo. I am not sure why, but this is a wonderful, peaceful place.
So about 8 days until the wedding. I am so blessed to have a wonderful son who has chosen a beautiful young woman to share and build his life with.
My Jakey is such a fine young man and I appreciate and admire him so much. He is a tender, happy young man and I am blessed to be part of his life!
What can I say about my Keith. Kooky, solid, a bit eccentric. He is all I ever wanted (he will totally get that line if he ever reads this!)


Runyon Family

One week from today and we are married and up in that peaceful condo! Thanks for all of your help, we love you so much!


Sister Runyon! Hi! It's Amanda Nelson (now Stromberg)I'm so happy to have discovered so many people on blogspot :) Hope you're doing well! I'm missing you & pool parties at your house :)