Saturday, May 16, 2009

Some of it's good news..Some of it's bad :) Most of it's great news!

The bad news.....
Keith's Porsche has had chronic battery problems. We have had to charge that battery so many times I have lost count. Finally, King Keith accepted the fact that he couldn't just charge it up one more time.  He and Alec got a little grease under their nails and replaced the battery.  My question is this;  Shouldn't a car that costs that much just WORK?!?.... like all the time? Or shouldn't there be a secret silent satellite alarm to the Porsche Heavens that one of their babies is sick and Men in white coveralls with big "P"'s on their backs sweep in secretly, silently in the night and fix it?  Silly car doesn't even have good cup holders!

Is it just me that asks the question.....where is the engine?

The good news..
It's time to turn in the Boys Voodoo blue Franklin Jefferson. Back to Toyota the FJ Cruiser goes. A moment of silence for the FJ. He has given safe harbor for our boys, their friends, their girls, their books, equipment, old road signs, flat tires, snowboards, wake boards and everything in between. I don't even want to think about some of the tales that car could tell me if it could speak!  Thank you Franklin Jefferson!
Alec and Tiffany are going to have some fun themselves as they take the pesky p-car to SLC to drive until they know where the they will be living and what kind of car they will need. All together now.....AWWW Poor babies!! teehee

The Bad News.....
Spring only hung around for a very short but wonderful, sweet, cool, beautiful time.  Unfortunately for our Snowy-not enough time to get rid of his winters coat.  Oh he was miserable.  But not as miserable as we were as every piece of furniture and every piece of ours and every single person who walked into our homes clothing was covered in his fur!

The Good News..
Snooty Pets. Thank You Snooty Pets. Snowy Thanks You. Our Furniture Thanks You. Our Clothing Thanks You. Our Noses Thanks You. Our Clothing Thanks You. Every person who walks into our home Thanks You!

The Bad News...
The commitment to myself that I would keep our new calling as Activity Committee Chairpeople SIMPLE has fallen by the wayside. I really truly thought I was keeping it REAL! But we only have two weeks until our first big ward activity and its going to be a blast! I guess the bad news is really just bad news for the poor committee. But they are awesome and I have not felt overwhelmed or understaffed at all. Maybe a bit underbudgeted teehee! A big Thank You to all of them! It will be great. Sorry it wasn't as simple as I promised!
(Can you see the talented Jan's hand in this cool logo and handout!?!)
The Good News-
Two down-One to go. We had two of our activities this week and I think they went off great! Thanks again to a great committee who did everything they said they would do plus more! The social after Ward Temple Night was well attended and the food was very yummy. Lots of great chatter and even some visitors that weren't able to make the Temple but were able to drop in and visit.

The Class of 2009 Senior Dinner was Awesome. Bishop and Sister Hodson put on a beautiful spread at their home. It was full of great surprises for our ward's 15 Seniors. Jan had done adorable personalized centerpieces, a movie starring each senior and wonderful gifts from the bishop. 

The best surpise was the announcement of TWO mission calls. Now that is good News! Cam Bowman to the Phillipines and Tanner Hodson to Honduras. (Why don't we say to "the Honduras" or to Phillipines" hmm something I'll have to think about later hehe)

It was a good week for the Activities Committee :) I'm proud to be a part of this crew!

The Bad News...
There is no bad news on this next subject!

The Good News!
What a wonderful Mother's Day/Grandma Runyon's Birthday/Phone Call from Jake Day! See what I mean!

It was  bittersweet not to have my mom here. The sweet part was knowing she was sharing this special day with my brother and sister, Terry and Jilleen, for the first time in almost 20 years. (Although I'm not entirely convinced Hallmark has created a holiday in Heaven-although they are pretty influential..AND Heavenly Father does have a weak spot for Mothers). I missed her but was happy knowing she was with those she had been away from for so long.

Angie (Grandma Runyon) is always fun to celebrate with because you can always be assured you will get at least one chance to ALL get up and dance. It is never uncommon at our house to see us all dancing the Slovenian Chicken Dance whenever she is over. Of course, she dances it better than us all and we all are just trying to copy her-but don't ever get very close HA!

Then there is Jake. My Sweet Jake. I won't kill you with all the 417,209 superlatives that come to mind-but when you pick up the phone and hear the sound of your childs voice after so long- I wonder if it is what we sound like to Heavenly Father when we have gone for huge amounts of time without praying? I bet it is in a way. I know I can't really compare myself to Heavenly Father....but I can see the comparison kind of.

Anyway-He is beautiful. Both in heart and spirit. He is healthy in heart and body. He is happy. He is funny. I love him so.

How can there be any news but good news after a call like that!

My cup runneth over.


Alec and Tiffany

Where did all your fans go!? It looks like they ditched blogging for tweetin'! Great post!


awwwe....janae i loved everything on that last post! you are the BOMB baby! what a great performance you & keith provided on are my hero! can i grow up to be like you someday? i like life in janaes world!

sadie bunker

jake is the bomb.

Allison Barnes

you have been a busy little activities co chair! sorry we didn't make it to the temple and dessert social... i was sick with a bad cold. Friday night was great!! The food was wonderful!! Thanks!! I can't wait for the survivor party!! Were you happy JT won??

So glad your missionary is doing good!!


this was great!!! alec and tiff are beyond lucky.. I might take her up on that ride to work ;)