Monday, April 6, 2009

"It isn't a party until someone gets hurt" and other stuff.

It didn't happen at the first practice as I was expecting. But since there wasn't a second practice or a 7th will have to be a tie. It only took the first five minutes of the first game until we had this.

There were better moments though.

King Keith was busy all weekend making our home beautiful. His touch can be seen in every direction. 
He makes me happy.


Keith A. Runyon

Winning is everthing. It's the only thing. Keith Runyon: Playing to Win since 1960. HOLLA!

Allison Barnes

yuck! My Tanner would faint if I showed that picture to him!! I love that you probably made him wait to clean it up until you got a picture! That's a sign of a good blogger and scrapbooker!!