Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Put Donnie Osmond in a headlock. Check.

A great evening of fun was had in January when Angie and I headed out for an evening with Donnie and Marie at the Flamingo. Keith and I gave her a VIP package for Christmas. She was SO excited! She is so much fun to give presents to.

Angies dress could be a topic for its very own blog. We call it her "Neil Diamond" dress. In her own words it took super glue, shoe laces and a wench to get that sucker on her! Close your eyes and imagine floor length, black sequined cocktail dress. Add a lime green pashmina and you are ready for a night out on the town!! Me. Not so much. I don't like dress up. I can hardly stand to wear a dress for the three hour church on Sunday. Jeans it is!

We had front row seats! YeeHaw. I have to say that I have never seen Angie quite so star struck. Either that or she couldn't breathe sitting down. I'm not totally sure. The show was great. I highly recommend it. I was taken back to my Jr High and High School days. Donnie is still quite a looker. Although he is quite shorter than I pictured. All the celebrities are a bit disappointing in real life it seems. If it wasn't rude I'd love to recommend Botox to him. Not for wrinkles but for the SERIOUS sweating problem he has. Gross. He had towels in his hand the whole show. Dude. Use them. Really.

Marie is a pistol. I'm pretty sure she has more energy than anyone I've ever met. We made eye contact alot and after our encounter after the show I am pretty sure she really wants to get to know me better and hang out on her days off and stuff. I'm pretty sure. She has great legs, probably from the whole Dancing with the Stars gig. Both she and Donnie are great dancers. She also had some really hot shoes. See! We have alot of the same taste. We could shop together. (Wait does that mean I have tacky Vegas showgirl taste in shoes????) She still has a great set of pipes. She is into opera now. She does a whole opera deal. Okay. She can sing. But I really want to hear Paper Roses. I know all the words to Paper Roses. She only sang a little of the chorus of that. I tried to sing along to the opera but Angie kicked me.

Part of the VIP treatment is the personal meet and greet after the show. F.U.N. If you know me (and I hope if you are reading this you do and aren't a weird stalker person)(If you are a weird stalker person "hi" "welcome")(Marie? Is that you?)I could not bear the whole fan-stand in line-shake hand-smile-pose-move on routine. Angie was in heaven and mortified at the same time. She knows me too well. She knew I was not going to stand there like a mannequin. Suffice it to say. Donnie might not like me. I didn't really want an autograph headshot of him. When he told me to "spit it out" while I was trying to think of a polite way to tell him I had to put him in a headlock and give him a noogie. Okay I didn't give him a noogie. But we comprimised and I convinced him to write a very funny suggestive note to Angie on hers. I think she blushes everytime she looks at it. It might actually be framed sitting next to her bed. I'm going to check next time I'm up at her house. I know he was cracking up while he wrote it.

Their handlers tried to pose us in the boring military (everyone stand in a row) formation. NO NO NO NO Marie and I had a grand time setting up new poses. Unfortunately as much fun as we had I didn't get to keep very many. They took over 40 shots of us hamming it up. (I told you Marie and I are soulmates) When it came time to collect the photos they gave us a few complimentary and then wanted to charge $29.00 a pop. Ahem Sorry Marie, my sister, I know you got like 58 kids to feed but come on now. We are just going to have to take a bunch of self portraits with our phone cameras while we are hanging out at Cafe Rio in our sweats, or at your sweet pad, whatev! ....you were all dressed up and I was in jeans....you would have felt awkward and all......Hello $29.00 each I don't think so.

The photo session was fun.....I'm not sure how she knew (intuition, good sense, that soulmate thing?) but as Angie and I were leaving, thankfully not escorted by security, Marie came running up and grabbed my arm. She handed me her head shot with the following written on it. "Elder Runyon, Your mom rocks!!! Love, Sister Osmond" AAAHHHHHH See....sisters... I looked on the back...she forget to leave me her phone number. Hey Marie...if you see this...leave a comment we'll do lunch!


Keith A. Runyon

Wow. What a night. You guys look great.


You know, Aunt Nae, I have a roommate who is from Provo and she and her family are pretty good friends with Donny...she even set me up on a date with his son, and I've been to his house...I thought he was pretty cute, but if Marie is anything like her nephew, don't expect a call back...lol! :) I'm glad you had such a fun night!

Chase & Destiny Pittsenbarger

aw i love you and angie!! Glad you had fun!!


you. are. hilarious.


girl... you are outa control!!! heh but move on over cause me & donny are tight! maybe you & marie & me & donny could hang out at cafe rio together?

the most amazing thing about donny's concerts (haven't seen donny & marie yet) is the older women who rush the stage & scream & try to touch him... some throw things like panties at him.... EEEWW! you just have to know his wife probably just shakes her head & is probably a little creeped out! LOL

so glad you're back! blogging wasnt the same without you! i'm thinking brios for lunch this week? ;)

Alec and Tiffany

She's back...life is good...


Allison Barnes

Sounds like a great night!! Glad you are back!!

Dixon Leavitt

Good come back. Just dont go Brett Favre on us and get our hopes up, then suck for the rest of the season.

susan bunker

great story janae! i was CRACKING up...you are too funny! let me know how things turn out with your new BFF!