Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I need to get something off my chest...

What is it with hotel room blow dryers?  I could just twist my head back and forth and dry my hair faster.  I fall for it every single trip.  I look at my suitcase and my bulky blow dryer and think...."I'm sure this nice 5-star hotel will have a nice blow dryer" "Look at all the spacious room it will leave for my shopping treasures if I leave my own blow dryer home"

UGH....It's been an hour and I still have a wet mop on my head.

Where's the comment card?


Alec and Tiffany

I'm so with you...I should come bring mine over to the hotel so you can use it haha! Can't wait to see you. Love you!

The Baker Three

Hi! I saw that you were listed on Tuesday Tell All as participating in it. I just wanted to let you know that I have set up a new blog to carry on the idea. We’d love you to stop by: Thanks:)


you're so funny

susan bunker



haha.... the blow dryer in my last hotel room sucked my hair into it...EEEEK! I'm gonna go back to schlepping my own with me!

ya....where are you now? you really could start your own "where in the world is Janae Runyon" spot! xo