Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm not committed enough for 12 days of Christmas

So there you have it.
I was going to have 12 totally cute Runyon Christmas Traditions to post this Christmas.
I got bored with the idea after about 4.  Whatev.
So I'll just post a few when they happen for posterities sake. Is that spelled right? (hey posterity..Grandma Nae' couldn't spell!)

My wonderful, sweet, extraordinary sister, Christine, is in town and my mom was wondering if we remembered how much fun we had baking at Christmas.  OH YEAH!  I remember Russian Tea Balls,  Sugar Spritz Cookies decorated with red hots and silver balls, sugared walnuts, Candy Cane cookies.  Yum Yum.  Funny thing is.  I don't remember actually making them.  I remember eating alot of them.  (I was quite the little butterball growing up :)

What a wonderful day we had today.  A roaring (okay it was a puny little gas log) fire.  Christmas tunes.  My mom.  My Sister.  Homemade Russian Tea Balls and Sugar Spritz cookies.  Laughter.  Love.

What a great Christmas Tradition.


Keith A. Runyon

Cookies look good, you look BETTER! Woohoo!!!!

Allison Barnes

looks like a fun day! Those cookies look good!


you always amaze me...ya cook too?

oh & GOT MILK? haha cute pic! xo


you are hilarious.


it's good to see you're alive(and always enjoying life!) K you inspired me maybe I'll try to bake something this Christmas season and focus long enough to not burn it...come help me!

Andrew and Heidi

I was cracking up at that last picture of you chugging back on milk - it looks like alot of fun, I wish in my crazy schedule this week that I had time to just stop and make cookies with my kids. Maybe next week...


Did you ever get that NZ ornament I sent you?