Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I says the desert is beautiful

My friend Michelle took this photo hanging out the window in my car.  She did good.  It is a beautiful shot for a lot of reasons.

I say to myself....what a wonderful world!


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wow thats not to bad huh?!...can i get a copy?...i love our desert too!...xoxo, michelle


that really is an amazing view...I take our desert for granite sometimes & forget that it really can be beautiful. Love the low clouds too. We don't get to see that too much here in Vegas.

Any ideas on a girls getaway trip yet? xo

Kathy's Boys

Love the picture too. I wanted to get some of your sisters fabrics! I'm glad you had fun being back with her and your mom! I'm going to her web site. I love the lds fabrics!!