Monday, August 25, 2008

I Love Mondays!



Rain, glorious rain!

What a great way to start a week!

And then there is this darling face!! I think it's a good thing he is getting the whole hair-buzzing done whilst thousands of miles away from his mother and girlfriend! Ahhhh.. He is still insanely handsome in this mom's eyes!


Keith A. Runyon

All these years and I didn't know you liked Monday's.....Me? Not so much.


Keith, we have to keep you guys's what keeps the mystery alive. I don't think there is a working person alive who likes Monday's though.

Allison Barnes

I like the buzz cut! Love the new look on the blog....


Hi sister Runyon! I just found your blog and I saw the picture of Jake. He looks great and I'm so happy that he's having an amazing time on his mission. I'm so proud of him. I hope you're doing well.

Emily Burdett