Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mrs Destiny Pittzanbarger

What a fun day in the Rowe Home! Darling Destiny got married today at a beautiful sealing in the Las Vegas Temple. It was nice to share those special moments with Tiffany's family (who seem very much like our own family)

The reception was loads of fun just as we expected. Here are just a few of the fun highlighs of our evening, (Doesn't King Keith look like a hottie in the color blue purrrrrr)


Kathy's Boys

Janae looks cute in blue too!! You guys look cute together!

Allison Barnes

that blue is my favorite color on John!

I can't believe she got married! Thats so fun!

Alec & Tiffany Runyon

It was so nice to be home and to see you guys! Love you. XOXO. And have fun down under!