Friday, May 30, 2008

Honey-do you love me?

Dear Pookey-

I read your blog.

I read the comments.

I'm going to start banning road trips and go and harrass TSA agents.

I'm so glad you realize all (that I've met lately) Highway Patrolman are big jerk-faces. I wish I was doing 85-90. I was doing 84 in a 75. Sorry.

Your cute and loving wife.



Keith A. Runyon


I do love you.

You do however need to pay more attention to things.

3 tickets in 6 weeks?

If you go to jail I promise to visit you.



Allison Barnes

Good thing your husband loves you!!

Is it time to buy a radar detector??

Andrew & Heidi

Janae: If your tickets were here in Clark County, I can take care of it for you so you don't get any points or traffic school. Office is 436-4333.--Andrew