Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tuesday Tell All- What do we collect?

I've been thinking about this and have determined we are not really collecting many things. I would say my best collections would be our little familes collection of memories...literal memories. I have always been afraid that somehow I would lose memory of those precious moments in our my life. I am able to remember all the important details if I have a visual memory. So the most obvious collection I have are photos! Everywhere..in boxes, albums, frames, drawers, closets and over 20,000 photos are stored on my external hard drive. (which after my kids and husband, it would be the 1st thing I would grab in a fire!)

Keith has a cool collection. He has been collecting sand from the various beaches we have visited in our travels. You might not expect it but as I see them all lined up on his credenza you can see how different each bottle is. There is the pink sands of Bermuda, black sands fom Kona, white sands from Playa del Carmen & the thick, coarse sand from good ole Oceanside,CA. Its fun to look at them and remember when we were there and who we were with. Someday maybe we will find a cute way to display them. Right now they are in orange prescription bottles. The location where they were collected scribbled on the label....

They only collection I have kept up over the years is some very dear angels. Each angel is special and usually live wrapped up carefully in tissue in the basement. They come out at Christmas and spread joy all over the house. Most my angels are gifts from others which make them very special to me. I have a collection within the collection of Kristin Angels. Our dear friend Kristin passed away very young. Her mom started bringing "Kristin Angels" to me the 1st Christmas after her passing. These Angels have become a tender part of our family Chrstmas. I also have some wonderful Angels from my mom. She always finds very unique and fun ones. She searches at old country fairs or markets as she travels around. I love my little family of angels.

So now you know!


susan bunker

i love your collectables! how perfect! i think i will have to check out the angels next christmas! JOY :)

Runyon Family

I think that your tens of thousands of pictures count as collections as well. I love reliving so many memories by looking at your pictures! My collection would be my journals...although I have slacked off a little...

Rowe Family

I think that is awesome!! I think the only think I collect is dust lol!! The kids had a great time down in Palm Springs. I think they really hated to leave! Isn't Riggins adorable ...


Ok Janae, I just stopped by from TTA, but I'm definitely going to have to come back! What a fun, cute family you have and I'm lovin' your MiaMaid blog - I'm 2nd counselor over our Beehives (so fun!). I'll definitely be back to get some fun ideas for YW.