Tuesday, March 11, 2008

For the love of all things baked and Betty Crocker & Julia Childs....

Please....I beg someone, anyone...please. This is the 3rd cake in two days...3 cakes..yes I said 3. 2 pans, 3 different attempts at "non-stick" and 3 top ripped off cakes. Please someone tell me how to do this...do you leave it in the pan for a while after removing from oven? Does that parchment paper work with cakes? I'm begging now....please someone share the secret!

My mother-in-law must be doubled over laughing now....3 box cakes...how hard can it be? Really?



Lyssa & Jack Jack

you should try a silicone bake pan! they are fantastic and nothing sticks to them so i think cake wouldn't either...

oh and by the way i was wondering if i could trouble you to make me a cd of the Mexico pics so i could print some out? i didnt take any on the trip and the book is so cute i just wish i could print some of them for frames and such.. that would be so amazing if you could make me a cd of the pics i would come pick it up any time or maybe you could mail it to me? let me know thanks janae you're amazing!

Jackie O.


oh, just go buy one at nothing bundt!
did you grease and flour your pan? how annoying!! one time is bad, but three makes you want to swear.
did you eat cake bits anyway?

Andrew & Heidi Dixon

WD-40. Always works for me. --Andrew Dixon


I work in the pastry kitchen at BYU one day a week, so I've never made the cakes, but I have had to take them out of the pans and ice them on occasion, so here's what I know about what they do there: 1. They keep them in the pans in the freezer until they need iced. I think maybe being cold helps, but I'm not sure. 2. They do always put some parchment paper stuff in the bottom of the pan so that it comes out easily, then you just have to pull the paper of the cake once it's out of the pan.
Good luck...you're better than me..I usually just leave it in the ugly pan and ice the top :)

Keith A. Runyon

You cook?


grease the bottom and sides of the pan.. I wad up a paper towel and then rub it on lightly with that.. then you sprinkle flour in it and toss the pan around and then pat the bottom of the pan and sides to get any loose gloops off and dump the excess in the trash.. pour in your mix, bake, and then flip her out! Good luck!