Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Well...I never!!!

I'm participating in the "Tell-all-Tuesday"...

This week the topic is "never say never"..so...

I've never...

*cleaned a fish
*kissed a movie star
*seen a bear in Yellowstone
*done a backflip
*swam with dolphins
*had a baby or wedding shower
*bungee jumped
*ate sushi
*been to the Grand Canyon
*scuba dived
*won the lottery
*worn braces
*been in jail (a surprise to some of you)
*had a tattoo
*eaten at Melting Pot
*riden a unicycle
*been to education week or womens comference :(
*had a baby girl (but I have a beautiful daughter-in-law)
*driven a 18 wheeler
*gone repelling
*hit a person in anger
*sang kaoreoke (how the heck do you spell kareoake?)
*wore a bikini (stop gagging..it will hurt my feelings..teehee)

So there are some things I have never done...but never say never...

I'll bet you are all just wiggling wondering what next "tell-all-tuesday" might bring. :)



Runyon Family

We will knock some of those off the list on our SA trip...and maybe on our spring break trip lol.


sister runyon!!!
its been forever since ive seen you. just reading your posts crack me up :]