Thursday, February 21, 2008

Home is quiet's that time of life

So it is a beautiful Las Vegas winter evening....yet someting seems a little off. The temperature is chilly enough to make you want to slide that soft comfy sweatshirt on over those soft worn sweats. It feels good, but something is missing. House is spotless (thanks CoCo)and laundry is current and put away...mostly. My Lovey gives me a night off of cooking and is craving some take out Macayos....easy-peasy. I get the food and return to some great tunes blasting from my new Bose Ipod Speaker thinger I got for my sounds good. Candles are lit..for no specific purpose (probably to cover up some obsene smell..come on we have 3 dogs)...just added to the perfect winter night at home. Great Luther Vandross song comes on and Keith and I can't resist. Its so fun to dance in the kitchen. Who cares Glenn Beck is shouting about something in the background and the three doggies are wrestling and running around like madmen. We danced and twirled the entire song. We might not get chosen to dance on any of the dance shows...but it was pretty dang good dancing.
So you might think....what a sweet night for Keith & janae...but something just wasn't right. So under the biggest full moon I have seen in a long time we went and soaked in the jacuzzi ....awwww was so fun....just chatter and giggles.
What was missing....all the ingredients were here but just not feeling complete.
Thats when I heard it.....the familiar intro from the warm friendly voice of the boy next door....Ryan Seacreast.....Its time to snuggle down and watch American Idol. Ahh what a wonderful quiet winter night. By the way......Michael Johns is going to DOMINATE this years show. Thats my guy and I'm sticking by him.
So Life is off to watch Big Brother.....its like the dream day....Life is good.
Peace Out



You're an addict :) I'll just add fuel to the TV fire by telling you the first 4 episodes of Gossip Girl are up on I don't know why but they aired the series again from the beginning which is good for me since I had missed some :)

PS I enjoy your openness on your blog. Just note that I hardly mention Jeff at all on my blog and it's per his wishes. Turns out some people don't like being an open book :)

Runyon Family

I am happy that you are keeping up on BB9 and American Idol but I still don't know how to handle the fact that you are no longer part of my L&O: SVU club. Now it's just me...and me in the club. No worries though, I am making of for your slack lol!

LOVE YA! And hey, you know that you missed Tiff and I too! We need to get some Wii going...