Wednesday, January 9, 2008

One down....101 to go...

I love to read the young moms blogs. Every one of them relay stories and quotes of their genius, creative, gorgeous child. It makes me smile, not because I know that most those kids are probably just your everyday, average kids, but because that it exactly the way a mommy should feel about her babies.

Part of the reason it makes me smile is because for me it never went away. I didn't hate the terrible twos, I didn't have obnoxious 10 year olds. I loved my boys when they were awkward tweens and everyone knows how much I love my teenagers. Certainly time makes us forget their weaknesses and I am not saying their are perfect. In fact their imperfections and their constant drive to be better young men only strengthen my respect for these two fine young men! They are still the most amazing, creative, beautiful gifts that my Heavenly Father could have shared with me!

So with that said...this proud mommy is excited that Jake has survived his 1st week on his mission. His 1st letter was sweet and tender. He is losing himself in the service of his Heavenly Father....and as he loses himself he is gaining confidence, strength and determination! So go Jakie....your mommy loves you!