Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ole' Mexico!

I'm living the good life today! Warm tropical sunshine over the beautiful Caribbean sea. My lovey and my brother/Sister-in-law just make it all the sweeter! Lots of sleep, sunshine, and super nummy authentic Mexican food and I am one very happy girl.

The doggies are tucked away at the kennel (hope they get ole Buddy potty trained while we are gone :)) Alec and Tiffany are busy with their new life in SLC. Alec is hard at work with his studies and Tiff making her way up the corporate ladder! We wish they were here with us! Next year!

Jakes letter was awesome this week. He had lots to say about the apostle he met and the wonderful wisdom he imparted. But mostly he was "stoked" and about the UNLV thumping of the BYU cats...

Tomorrow we are a little more abitious than today, we are lounging in a private area of the other pool and ordering foofoo drinks and doing a lot of giggling!

Happy ' far so great



Rowe Family

Hey Janae!! I'm jealous!! You are having way tooooo much fun lol!! Enjoy the warm weather