Friday, December 28, 2007

Grams "Charlie Brown Tree" History Revealed

So a wonderful story was unveiled Christmas Morning....and what a wonderful piece of our Mothers childhood! Gram is famous for the wacky "Charlie Brown" Christmas Tree she puts up every year. She actually considered not putting one up this year, but with considerab;eprotest from the whole family she reconsidered.

So after a wonderful breakfast of waffles with strawberries and real whipped cream, mounds of bacon and sausage, and Chocolate milk (do I have the "kool-aid mom or what?) we all gathered in Grammys living room. There was a bunch of us....I think Rod guessed we would be close to 50 people I haven't done a final count but one photo I took had 17 grandkids on one large chair.....yes I have the photo to prove it! Anyways.....Gram told the story about her Christmas tree growing up and how it never appeared until Christmas morning all decorated. She then told that the reason they never had it until Christmas Morning was that they were so poor that her parents would wait until Chistmas Eve and go find a tree lot that had a few trees that had thrown out and they would bring it home and make it as beautiful as they could. After she told this story she read a story about a tree in the forest who wanted to be a perfect tree but during a big storm it lowered and opened its bows to protect and save the animals in the forest. She had awesome props (a bird, a little deer etc) that one of the great-grandchildren would place on the tree. ful
It was such a cool thing to see some of her history shared with the little ones. I am so grateful for her and her wisdom, her love for us and our children .....and for Rod for doing most the bacon and sausage cooking that morning (thanks Rod..sorry I didn't jump in and help..)

Christmas morning just wouldn't be the same without breakfast, family, and a Charlie Brown Tree at Grammys!

Love to all....jlr